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What- Deviantart is suddenly very different.

I don't know how i feel about this yet.  Maybe good, maybe bad?
A lot easier to reply on things now though.
Hello friends!  How are you!! I haven't made a journal in ages!  I was just wondering, what websites do you have accounts on and use the most?
I'd love it if you could possibly tell me your accounts and everything!

I'm um- lets see.  On tumblr I'm thebluecanary as my personal/art tumblr, ambi-bambi as my inspiration/reblog tumblr, theblueportfolio as my "professional" tumblr (you know, no 'about you' questionnaires), and lacelight as my nsfw tumblr.  (Shhhhh, I do not have too many tumblrs, what are you talking about-)

Annndd! On twitter I am ambisweetiepie
on instagram I am thebluecanary
On umm- I have more, right? Uhhh- deviantart. ON DEVIANTART I AM TKAY! Wow! Amazing! So surprising!  I should add a link(but i won't)! 

I think that's maybe all of them!  Other than that I have a facebook art page that i never use, and I have a linkedin account cause i'm SUPER PROFESSIONAL!

If you follow me on tumblr and here both, let me know what your accounts are in the comments, even if I know you and love you and talk to you constantly, cause sometimes I'm all "I completely forgot so-and-so's deviantart account and I wanna look more of their arrrttt".

I love you guys!

And to the new followers, hello! How are you doing!  It's very nice to meet you!  I would love it if you introduced yourself in the comments! I will respond, i promise!
Miscellaneous by tkay
Marble and Ceder don't have stories they belong to, but I still love them both very much!

Height: 4’8”
Sign: Taurus
Personality: Reserved, studious
Orientation: Asexual biromantic
Background: Deer mouse / mixed american
Interesting Fact: Very intelligent, loves to cook

Ceder (Short for Cederic)
Height: 6’8”
Sign: Taurus
Personality: Relaxed, friendly, horrible
Orientation: Gay
Background: Cedrus libani (Lebanese Cedar tree)
Interesting Fact: Seems to be unobservant, but actually notices everything

This was posted here on tumblr.
Volpe by tkay
My half of the characters from me and ArandaDill's combined project, Volpe!

Height: 5’7”
Sign: Leo
Personality: Professional, ambitious
Orientation: Straight
Background: Inuit
Interesting Fact: A bit obsessed with the paranormal

Height: 5’11” 
Sign: Pisces
Personality: Spacey, gentle (a bit dumb)
Orientation: Androgynous pansexual
Background: Italian
Interesting Fact: Able to grant wishes, + horribly bad judge of character

Height: 6’2”
Sign: Sagittarius
Personality: Optimistic + Proud
Orientation: Asexual/pansexual???
Background: Acidic shapeshifting fungi
Interesting Fact: Favorite food is trees



Amber Young
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Hi! I'm Amber. Nice to meet you <3

You can also find me at:

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